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The right phone number for your business can reflect where you operate, give a local and or national impression as well as having a memorable number which can help your business to stay on the radar of potential customers. It can also provide valuable information for any marketing investment that you make and generate revenue if you provide a specialized service. NGN numbers (i.e. 0845) mean that your business location is not specified through your landline number so that it gives an impression of national presence that can even be routed through to your mobile phone. This can help your business because you can be based wherever you need to be and then do business in a different area. Any non-geographic number can easily be routed to any landline or mobile which means you can be flexible and there is no extra line rental. You can also take your numbers with you should you need to change premises.


We know how important landlines are to your business; it’s most frequent way that your customers will contact you and the rental costs will have an ongoing impact on your business costs. We work with you to understand what you need, so not only can we match the right product to your business but also offer a fixed line that is not expensive. We can also cut your costs by calculating call charges by seconds rather than minutes and switching carriers when appropriate. We aim to always provide you with the best package for your business to be able to give you the best tariff for you we would look at the following:-

We also provide analogue lines for your credit card machines and alarms using the same line that your broadband would sit on. All our landlines come direct from Openreach which means that we have live and direct access to their scheduling system so that our clients get the benefit of Openreach engineers and resources, coupled with our superb support.

Another thing that we can do with CPS is route your calls over our network and keep your lines elsewhere, meaning that if you are in contract with another supplier and are getting charged a lot for your calls, you can just move the calls to us and will get billed by your existing supplier for lines and by us for calls, making you huge savings!

Line Rentals

For those of you customers who do wish to rent lines you have come to the right place. We have a team of well trained personnel who are on standby so the minute you make a request we can deliver.

In case you didn't know, line rental is the charge you pay for an active phone line into your home or business which can also be used to get acquire broadband. AT Telecommunications provides these lines for customers at affordable rates.

ISDN Lines

We provide ISDN lines for business and also home owners. ISDN is a circuit-switched telephone network system, which also provides access to packet switched networks, designed to allow digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone copper wires, resulting in potentially better voice quality than an analog phone can provide.

ISDN eliminates restrictions and problems associated with converting digital to analog signals and transmitting them over an analog connection thus resulting in a faster connection establishment and faster data transfer.

Low Cost Calls

All of us at AT Telecommunications believe that the first and foremost concerned is with saving you money and so we aim to provide you an excellent service at reduced cost.

We understand how the cost of your landline calls can affect the running costs of your business, so we at AT Telecommunications are here to help you reduce these costs and retain call quality.

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Here at AT Telecommunications you, our cherished customer is always our priority. We look to establish a relationship in which we make communication with you clear and unambiguous, so to efficiently provide better services and satisfy all your needs.

We offer a wide array of services which we deliver in a timely manner with unparalleled expertise. Our staff are highly trained with years' worth experience. Keep in touch for the below services:

  • Hosted VOIP
  • Hosted CRM
  • Telephone Lines and Systems
  • Superfast Business Grade Broadband
  • Cat5 Cabling
  • Wi-Fi Installation
  • PBX Phone Systems
  • Lease Line Provisioning
  • Email & Messaging
  • Server setup and configuration
  • CCTV Installations
  • Website Design and Development

For hardware, we offer the best and most popular brands available on the market to date such as Xorcom, Samsung, Avaya, Siemens, and Panasonic with respect to Telecommunications and Microsoft, DELL, and HP for our IT as well as many others which we personally guarantee are of the best quality.


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