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AT Telecommunications Ltd

CCTV Sales And Installations

CCTV is an ever growing system that companys are having installed more and more each day. Are your building and land covered by 24/7 recording? ATCOMMS offers both the installation, training and maintenance on all the latest CCTV systems available on the market today. ATCOMMS offers a site survey which will recommend: What equipment you might need, Where the cameras should be positioned and what the advantaged may be of having a system installed, call our trained advisers.

The service comprises of:

  • Site Survey
  • Quote of work
  • Installation and setup of all cameras and DVR's
  • Installation / running of all cables
  • Setup for remote viewing via a computer or mobile phone

Storage & Preservation

The recorded information from cameras we provide can be stored to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which we are at AT Telecommunications are provide our customers on request. The storage capacity of the DVR's we provide vary but we ensure are sufficient enough for any business or personal needs.

CCTV cameras give you the ability to have eyes anywhere and everywhere but it is also important to store this information so it can be used at a later time to create accountability.

IP Cameras

IP or Internet Protocol Cameras is a branch in CCTV which is fast growing, it can be used over a Local Area Network so users can access their cameras over internet connections

These devices possess superior image quality which is one of the most important features a surveillance camera should have, they are also cost effective and easily scalable so the number of devices on the networked systems can grow. Our experienced staff are easily able install and configure these devices to suit all your possible needs.


Here at AT Telecommunications we are able to network the cameras we provide our users so it creates a networked video surveillance system which would be a combination of the CCTV Video feeds.

Remote accessibility for authorized computers anywhere is one of the features you enjoy when your cameras are networked. The information can be the be transported using the internet or a local Area Network (LAN).

Live Stream Of Some Of our Installations

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