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AT Telecommunications Ltd


High Speeds

AT Telecommunications understand that our customers are looking for a fast, uninterrupted and constant broadband service. That is why we ensure that all our customers are provided with one of the fastest ever broadband speed on the market.

We all live in an age where staying connected is very important but in order to carry out interactions and transactions effectively you will need a fast, efficient broadband speed, and we at AT Telecommunications pride ourselves with knowing that we can deliver you that speed.On ADSL, Download speed of up to 24MBPS and upload speeds of up to 1.3MBPS, For Fibre, Downloads speed of up to 76MBPS and Uploads of up to 19MBPS, Broadband Speeds and products are subject to location. On lease line Fibre, up to 100 MPBS download speeds with dedicated bandwidth.

low cost

Not only do we promise the best services available we also pride ourselves in being able to offer you the best prices. You will find our prices so low and affordable that you will it be impossible to find a lower price out there.

Not only do we aim to provide you with the most effective, cost effective and reliable broadband we would also like to pride ourselves to be able to offer this to you with all the other products that we offer. You can rest assured you money will be well spend when you do business with us.


AT Telecommunications understand that the one think everyone wants in there broadband is consistency, what is the point in having superfast broadband that is not consistent or unavailable at certain times. That is why we aim and are proud in being able to offer you our superfast broadband that is available at any time of the day which is constantly fast and effective 24/7.

Our aim is to provide you with a broadband connection that does not falter, is stable and consistent enabling you to reap the benefits of you broadband and being able to be used at your leisure without being interrupted.

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