Email Addressing & Mailboxes

IMAP Mailboxes

Email put away on an IMAP server can be access or mainpulated from a home PC, a workstation at the workplace, or even your telephone, without the need to exchange messages or documents forward and backward between every PC. We can provide you with unlimited mailboxes with a storage capacity of 100MB, larger sizes are also available with 1GB, 2.5GB and 5GB choices and are accessible for a little extra yearly charge.

Mail Forwarding

Your direct mail can be forwarded to either an IMAP, a POP3 mailbox or an completely different externally hosted address. This is the perfect solution for having a central place to store emials from multiple addressses as they can all be simply directed to your desired location.

SMTP Outbound Email

We provide authenticated outbound SMTP. In the even your Internet Service Provider has placed restrictions on the standard port 25 fear not beacause we can provide and alternate one.This is done by having the user authenticate a mailbox with his mailbox username and corresponding password which will further allow emails to be sent regardless of Internet Service Provider or Geographic Location.

Group Addresses

What is a group address ? It is simply one email address that has multiple recepients which is perfect for marketing or sales teams because it ensures employees wont have to forward mail to each other. This routing can be done to either an IMAP, a POP3 or even an external mailbox.

POP3 Mailboxes

Utilizing any standard POP3 mail applications, for example, Microsoft Outlook, The Bat!, Mailbird Lite, you can send, receive and channel mail locally.Our POP3 mailboxes provide virtually unlimited storage space, however we do enforce a 90 day constrain on the duration for which you can store the messages on our server. In the event that storing locally on your PC isn't an alternative then our IMAP post boxes are immaculate as mail can be put away uncertainly on our mail stage.


An instant and immediate response can be set up for all incoming emials intended for your mailbox to act as confirmation or any other notice to the senders. Auto-responders are unique to accounts and can be as many as desired.


Access your email anywhere and anytime either at your office or in your home with simply by using our webmail and signing into your account with your username and password


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